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This is getting ridiculous #mnspring-not #amrevising

Okay, so remember last week when I mentioned the weather people were predicting more snow? Well, yep, we got more. Not much, maybe half an inch–a lot of it melted. Then rain. Then snow. Then more rain. Then more snow still this afternoon.

Granted, we didn’t get more than a dusting, but damn it, we’re three weeks into April and our highs are barely hitting 40 degrees. And they’re talking windchill again. Seriously?


At least we don’t live in northern MN. They’ve been getting hit hard. Snowstorms with half a foot of snow predicted. Sooo, I should be happy we only got enough to dust everything. Duluth hit an all-time record for snowfall this season.

Well, the garden won’t be going in before Memorial Day weekend. May not even go in then at this rate.

Sorry, it’s just that the sun gave us those few days of summer, then forgot to let spring know it could have the stage again, so winter decided to hang around some more. Gloomy, cloudy, rainy. Wait, we did have sun for a few hours one day–along with a 20 mph wind and a high of 38. And a feels-like temp (windchill) of 25.

What a great excuse to stay inside and write, you say. Well, sure. If only. But I did manage to go through my police procedural and get my bearings. I need time (and quiet space) to focus–luckily I’ve got my retreat at the Shire coming up in a few weeks.

Or do I?

Here I am, anticipating four days of writing bliss in the Shire, when the Universe decides it’s time to make things interesting.

My brother-in-law passed away last fall, a few weeks before our trip to VA for my nephew’s wedding. When we got back home, my husband, our son, and my sister-in-law drove together out to Portola, CA (my other BIL flew out there) to handle my BIL’s affairs. Well, they didn’t get everything finished, so they have to head out there again.

This time, though, my SIL and BIL are driving out together, which leaves my husband to either drive out alone (our son just got back from a vacation, so he can’t take more time off yet) or ride with his siblings. Thing is, my husband needs to bring his stuff–tools, mostly (one of his superpowers is being able to fix almost anything). And he wants to swing through Yellowstone on the way. And he doesn’t really want to drive all that way alone.

See where this is going?

So he asks me if I want to do a road trip with him. The last time we did a road trip together was back in A&P school when we drove out to Seattle over spring break. Great trip. And this would be an opportunity to see Old Faithful, or at least part of Yellowstone. Sure, I’m game, just him and me.

It’s a 2+ day drive there, and he wants to stay a week. I can’t take that much time (well, technically I could, but we’re down one team member at work). I’ve already got the time off for my retreat …

No problem. Shift my days already requested and reschedule my retreat for the fall (with a reschedule fee because it’s less than a month away). I’d fly back, because I’m not staying out there for a week with no internet and I have to work (one-way ticket home) (and who will ride back with him? Maybe our son would fly out and ride back?). Then someone would need to pick me up at the airport, or I get an Uber to my SIL’s house (another cost) where I could pick up a car (which we would conveniently leave there for me to drive home).

Hmm. This is kinda how my life gets.

Okay, now my writer brain is looking at this and giving an evil laugh. Fodder for a story! Many stories! A whole book! Multiple books (in different series 🙂 ) Think of all the things that could happen, from getting lost in the mountains to finding bodies just about anywhere to being attacked by a bear (or other wild animal) to running into any number of possible villains.

My Muse is making himself useful 🙂

I’m always trying to inspire you, love. You don’t always pay attention.


Anyway, nothing is settled yet. Am I bummed about missing my retreat to the Shire? Well, yeah, but I can do it this fall. Am I excited about driving for 2+ days to CA? Not really. What about the flight back? Again, not a fan, but it’s tolerable. Am I going to enjoy the time with hubs? Sure will.

So, we’ll see how things develop. Until then, I’m spending time looking for cheap flights, trying to strategized travel arrangements from the airport, and ugh. There’s something about travelling that I find exhausting, even before I leave.

In any case, crossing fingers that Spring will actually stick around soon. Please.

Happy Writing!

Throwback – kitten therapy


New month, renewed focus? #amwriting

So, it’s finally February. Here in MN, we’ve had the longest run of cloudy days ever recorded. Seriously. They’ve talked about it on the news.

Granted, it’s been mild. Balmy, even. Our temps have been running at or just below freezing, helped a bit by the insulating cloud cover.

However, I’m starting to wonder if the sun is just a rumor. Someone said they saw it, or a facsimile of it, for about 30 seconds the other day.

So, what has this got to do with writing? Beside the whole gloomy atmosphere? Nothing. Well, maybe something. I was all ready to make up for a lack of writing this week, considering I’m doing a self-imposed NaNoWriMo to get the draft of my rural MN mystery done, and then … crash. Kids are home, and drama (son is reeling from his girlfriend of three years dumping him, and daughter’s confident plan of working at the place she did over winter break got torpedoed), so I need to shift into mom mode rather than “I’m going to shut myself away in the bedroom and write tonight” mode.

Mom mode isn’t terribly conducive to writing, at least for me. There’s the part of me that knows I need to engage. And there’s the part of me that wants to rail against the situation, take my laptop, and go play somewhere quiet. Which doesn’t help kids who are looking for parental reassurance from Mom. Mom has a different place in their world than Dad does. I think that’s the case for most everyone: Mom is a little higher on the list when it comes to family and comfort.

I hit the jackpot with hubs, who sees the kids more than I do due to that pesky full-time job thing. He’s wonderful at talking with them (better than I am, honestly). I keep telling the kids they should be thankful he’s such a great dad. Eventually, they’ll realize it.

So, despite my intentions to kick ass on this new project this weekend to make up for the lack of writing this week, it seems that will be a bit of a struggle. Oh, and rumor has it the sun is supposed to come out this weekend for a day. A whole day.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


I will enjoy as much sun as I can (considering it’s still a wee bit chilly to wear shorts and a t-shirt), and recharge my “happy” energy. And yes, take my laptop and go play someplace quiet.

PS to Marcia: my Muse is sending an applicant. Says the guy helped inspire all those Elvis beach movies and surfing movies. Your mileage may vary, but it sounds like he’s looking forward to testing the waves out your way 😀

Busy Summer

Wander is trying to write my blog. I think.

Hey, whew, I have a minute to update this. I have a busy weekend, so today’s regularly scheduled program *shoves Wander away from keyboard* will be canceled.

Not Wander, but close

I was going to draft my Muse into writing this week’s post, but he must be on a pub crawl with Mr. E.

Wander decided to show up this weekend (she’s called “Wander” for a reason), so I let her hang out with me. Of course she took that to mean I was going to let her take over the blog, considering my Muse isn’t around to keep her in line.

Anyway, I’ll catch you all next week. This weekend I’ll be enjoying time with my family.