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Summer Solstice and Father’s Day greetings

Image by G4889166 from Pixabay

Welcome to the weekend of the Summer Solstice! Okay, summer’s not my favorite season (that’s spring, followed closely by autumn), but there’s something about summer that feels, well, like I should be on vacation someplace with water, and a beach, and maybe a hammock in the shade. And books! Okay, and writing supplies, because what’s better than writing during a vacation at the lake/ocean? And no mosquitoes. Seriously. That’s one of the worst things about summer.

Anyway, just wanted to shout out to everyone and say “Hi! Hope you have a great summer!” I’m planning to focus on finishing my latest round of revisions on my WIP (which, BTW, is still kicking my ass despite my offerings to the writing gods). May your muse be gentle with you. I’m pretty sure my Muse is getting his fedora and bullwhip out of storage …

Also, Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there, and all those who may not have their own kids, but are a father-figure in someone’s life. I keep reminding my kids they have an awesome dad. They probably won’t realize just how awesome until they’re a bit older (they are both in their early twenties, so it shouldn’t be too much longer 🙂 ).

Enjoy your weekend, stay cool, pray for rain, and keep on writing!

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