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Quick note before Christmas

Photo by Barry Plott on Pexels.com

Heading out to spend some time with my siblings, namely my sister, whom I only see twice a year since she lives on the other side of Wisconsin. We used to gather for an extra day at my dad’s place, but since he sold the house, one of my brothers has been generous enough to host our gatherings (and he’s got a nice big house set up well for entertaining and sleepovers). My sister and her family arrive a day before the gathering (it’s a 5-hr drive), but I don’t normally spend the extra time at my brother’s place. It feels a little like invading.

But I miss the extra time we used to spend hanging out, playing games, just catching up in general. So this year I’m going to spend the extra time at my brother’s place. Will I get any writing done? No, but I’ll get to spend more than four or five hours with my sister and her crew, and my brother and his family. Crossing my fingers my youngest brother will show up; haven’t seen his family since 2019. Except for that one Zoom Xmas we had.

Anyway, short and sweet this week. I’m still editing, and using ProWritingAid. And still crossing my fingers that my agent will like it. I dread getting another email saying it’s still not enough.

Stay safe, with all those winter storms out there! Stay safe with all those respiratory bugs inside (triple-demic (flu, RSV, Covid-19)).

Most of all, keep writing!

Handsome boy Tibbers!