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Not A-mused #amwriting #amrevising


I erase an entry on my writer’s to-do list, conveniently written on her wall-sized whiteboard. Hmm. I grab a marker of a different color when the outside door to her writing office swings open, sucking air past me.

I turn to see my writer, eyes wild, storming toward me.

“Hey …”

She cocks her fist and hits me.

She actually hits me. In the shoulder.

“Ow!” Damn, she’s got an arm. That’s gonna sting for a while. “What the bloody hell was that for?”

Hands in fists at her sides, she growls and stomps in a circle. “Damn it!” Another circle, another growl. “Why the fuck didn’t you suggest that earlier?” She hits me again. “Do you have any idea how much stuff I have to change now? I’m four revisions in, I’m supposed to submit the story in a week, and you pull this shit?” She draws her fist back for another go.

I catch her hand this time. “Whoa. Hey. Stop that. Why are you so wound up?”

She wrenches her hand out of mine and shoves me into the board. “You. Oh. My gawd. Arrgh!” She moves to shove me again.

I catch her. Again. This time I pin her arms to her sides. She’s close, and creative energy is pulsing around her. Very un-Muse-like thoughts begin to gather in my head, thoughts that toe an uncrossable line. Damn. I shake them away. “Stop that, love.”

She struggles. Apparently she forgot I’m a Muse; she won’t get loose until I let go.

“You …” She shoots me a glare that I suspect is intended to kill or maim me. “Damn it!” She struggles again. “Let me go.”

“Promise you won’t hit or shove me.”

Another growl. “Yes. Fine. I won’t hit or shove you.”

I release her. “Calm down, love.”

“Really?” She storms in another circle before stopping and stabbing a finger at me. “You.”


She throws up her hands. “You know I’ve been struggling with this story for forever, and now–NOW–you suggest the plot item that brings everything together? After four revisions? I planned to turn this in next week. This piece means I’ll have to rewrite a quarter of the book.”

She shoves me into the whiteboard again before I can catch her. A marker falls off the sill. “You could have suggested this a month ago, before I started the fourth round of revision. I could have fixed everything during that go-round and had more time to tweak it before I turn it in.”

Time to redirect her into something productive. “Your writing teacher isn’t going to dock you points if you turn it in a week later.” I point to a recliner in the corner, where her laptop is waiting. “Get started.”

“Fine.” She aims herself at the recliner.


“What?” she barks.

“You’re welcome.”

Author: Julie Holmes, author

A fiction writer since elementary school (many years ago), and NaNoWriMo annual participant for over a decade, I have been published in small press magazines such as "Fighting Chance" and "The Galactic Citizen". I write adult mystery with a touch of romance, mystery with extrasensory elements, contemporary fantasy, and epic fantasy, and I'm represented by the fabulous Cynthia Zigmund of Second City Publishing Services. My debut novel, "Murder in Plane Sight", has been released by Camel Press (an imprint of Coffeetown Press/Epicenter Press). In real life, I am a technical writer and empty-nester with a wonderful hubby, one cat (what writer doesn't have cats??), two dogs, four chickens, and more chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits than any garden should have to deal with. My garden, our hobby farm, and Nature's annual seasons are some of my muses.

10 thoughts on “Not A-mused #amwriting #amrevising

  1. You know, Muse, I think you must have a Muse Association or something. My Muse pulls the same thing on me, and I have never been happy about it. Why wait until after the third or fourth revision to suggest the one thing that will pull it all together? You know, we writers only have so much patience, and I don’t blame your writer one bit for hauling off on you. Hmmph! (Have a good weekend, Julie!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think this is good news. Ha ha. I love that line: “the plot item that brings everything together”
    I’m glad you got there, Julie, though the muse is a lot late on getting you there. Keep writing and good luck with the deadline. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know you will produce something awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Listen to the Muse having un-Muse-like thoughts! You two are going to steam up that white board. Haha. 🙂

    At least the plot point came at all, right? Sorry it took so long. :/

    A new Zoey pose. Lovin’ it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL! Yep, at least the plot point showed up before I turned it in to my writing teacher 🙂 Now to revise the last 1/4 of the story. Sigh.

      Heh. I need to take a video of her morning brush/pet routine. She started shedding, so I started “petting” her with a “fur-collection” brush. I think I could knit half a sweater with all the fur I’ve combed from her 😀

      Have a great week, Betsy!

      Liked by 2 people

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