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Muse-ing revisions #amwriting #amrevising


Image by JL G from Pixabay

LIghts are on in the writing office. The brainstorming wall hasn’t changed from when I left–wait, that yellow streak wasn’t there before.

It’s too quiet. Bloody hell. I leave for a few days, and my writer vanishes.

The outside door to the office opens. My writer toes her shoes off onto the mat beside the door as she closes it. She looks up. Her eyes widen.

“Nice of you to show up.” She hangs her coat on the rack and tosses her hat onto the shelf above it. “Wish I could take a break like that. Where’d you go? Sydney? Adelaide?”

“Muse conference.” I lean against her desk. “I missed you too, love. Where did you go? You are supposed to be working.”

She tucks her feet into slippers and shuffles around the partition wall to the mini-fridge. “I went for a walk now that it’s getting nice outside.” She pulls a water bottle from the fridge and drops into one of the recliners. “I had to do something to work out the snarl in the plot.” She narrows her eyes. “Since you disappeared in the middle of a brainstorming session.”

She said it like I ran off to plan some nefarious activity. “You’re doing fine, love.”

“Have you even read my revision?”

I gesture to the brainstorming wall, with its riot of colors. “We worked on it. You even added something new.” Now that I look at it, it’s a significant addition. “Isn’t this the idea you dropped earlier?”

“Yeah. And if you had told me to keep going with it, I might have figured out I needed to keep it sooner. I could’ve added it in the last revision.” She sets her half-empty bottle aside and pulls out her laptop. “Since you’re here, why don’t you make yourself useful and write my blog post so I can get back to work.”

Not in my job description. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t done it before. “You can do it, love.”

An eyebrow arches. “I don’t want to lose the idea I just came up with. If you do it, I can get back to finishing this scene before I forget it.”

“You don’t know what to write for your post, do you?”

She leans her head back and sighs. “Fine, you’re right. I have no idea what to write.” She looks me in the eye. “Please?”

A sense of satisfaction settles in me. There’s my writer. As aggravating as she can be, she’s progressing.

“Hell, write about your Muse conference or whatever you were doing. Is that code for a pub crawl?”

“No, love. I’ll throw together something for the blog. Then we work on that wall.”

At least he was gracious about it. Usually he grumbles. I’m trying to stay focused, and feel like I’ve lost touch with so much blogging stuff. I apologize that I haven’t been visiting lately. It’s like I’m so far behind I just want to hide. Once I turn in my manuscript to my writing teacher (by the end of April–yes, I’m sure), I’ll feel better about trying to catch up. Miss you all!

Happy Writing!

Don’t bug me. I’m busy.

Author: Julie Holmes, author

A fiction writer since elementary school (many years ago), and NaNoWriMo annual participant for over a decade, I have been published in small press magazines such as "Fighting Chance" and "The Galactic Citizen". I write adult mystery with a touch of romance, mystery with extrasensory elements, contemporary fantasy, and epic fantasy, and I'm represented by the fabulous Cynthia Zigmund of Second City Publishing Services. My debut novel, "Murder in Plane Sight", has been released by Camel Press (an imprint of Coffeetown Press/Epicenter Press). In real life, I am a technical writer and empty-nester with a wonderful hubby, one cat (what writer doesn't have cats??), two dogs, four chickens, and more chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits than any garden should have to deal with. My garden, our hobby farm, and Nature's annual seasons are some of my muses.

14 thoughts on “Muse-ing revisions #amwriting #amrevising

  1. I’m always glad that you keep in touch with us, Julie, whether or not you think of a brilliant idea for your post. I hope your writing is going well, and I’m glad you’re making it a priority.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this post. Those muses can get stuck just like the rest of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved your muse conference, Julie!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. When you’re in the thick of intense writing, it’s hard to think of anything else. I get it! Plus spring is coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY! SPRING! Of course, there’s always the yo-yo of temps. Today in MN we might hit 70 (with 30 mph winds), and tomorrow back down to the 30s, maybe 40. At least my seedlings are warm and happy πŸ™‚

      Have a great writing week, Diana!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. End of April to your writing teacher–we’re on the same schedule. Well, me to my editor and maybe it’ll slip to early May. Fingers crossed.

    Just ignore your muse until she gets a little friendlier!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Though I usually go for tummies, I’ll make an exception and rub my face in that back fur.
    Water bottle? No craft beer this time?
    A muse conference. That would be awesome. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hee hee! Zoey’s routine these days involves getting up in the morning when I’m WFH, grabbing a few pieces of kibble, then sitting beside my chair and staring at me until I pet her. She’s been shedding, so now I “pet” her with a brush to collect all that loose fur. She loves it!

      Yeah, water. I’m going to reward myself for a day well written with some craft beer πŸ˜€ At least, that’s the theory!

      Happy Writing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Was it you I was telling about a guy who saved his dog’s fur and made a sweater out of it? Eww. I mean, I like cat fur, but I prefer it to be attached to the cat. Glad you have a handy brush, and that she enjoys the experience. What a sweetheart. (ooshie boo)–Just a small one. Trying to contain myself.


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